Change is Coming to Video Quantum Radius will unleash the incredible power of human vision, blending this window to our minds with the digital world for the first time. Learn More

We’re Bringing the Beginning of the End of Video Latency

Real time interactive transmissions are coming to a home and office near you.

Quantum Radius makes imagery only imagined in science fiction available to newly empowered applications and displays. Our technology will deliver the power of our Quantum PixelsTM in real-time.

We will help create a world where surgeons routinely step into their home study to operate on patients, where advanced firefighting vehicles can be safely operated by experts on demand from afar, where adaptable manufacturing lines are overseen and tuned by experienced workers, where architects can coordinate and plan next-generation cities with interactive creativity and precision.

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Denver, Colorado, Quantum Radius will work in concert with Cloud service providers as well as leading developers to create game-changing applications for cutting-edge Mixed Reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality).

The Future is in Our Sight™

Who We Are

Learn more about the team behind Quantum Radius.

Frank Christofferson

Co-founder & CEO

Frank is a serial entrepreneur and leader of high-powered technical teams. He co-invented key cloud rendering and voice technologies, and has been at the nexus of high-tech areas such as 3D graphics, supercomputing, video and wireless communications. In addition to his startups such as AirPlay, TrueChat (which he sold to Terayon Communications), and now Quantum Radius, he has worked at Boeing, Stellar Computer, Supercomputer Systems, CableLabs and Bell Laboratories. A black belt and active hockey player, Frank earned a Masters of Computer Science at the University of Arkansas, and also attended the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Tim Wahlers

Co-founder & President

Tim Wahlers is a veteran entrepreneur and pioneer of interactive video technology. Tim founded Vidiom Systems, grew it to over 100 employees, before selling it to ADB. Tim was key contributor to early video compression as a participant in MPEG-1 standards efforts and as lead engineer for the earliest video encoder products. Tim has also been a champion of set-top software standards currently installed on millions of systems. Among the leading companies he’s worked or contracted for are NV Philips, CableLabs, OpenTV, ADB, and Time Warner Cable. Tim has a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Quantum Radius Engineers are relentlessly pursuing breakthroughs in key areas of low-latency video, foveal imagery, and distributed processing

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